Thursday, March 27, 2008

The important men in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!
nu=3232>8;4>2::>23238;439;676ot1lsi[1].jpg"> "Mom, are you seriously interrupting my conversation with Pop for, yet, another picture!"


Too Cute....what else can you say!!!!!!

It amazes me just how deceptive a 1 year old can be, but it is written all over his face that he either destroyed something, is about to destroy something, or left me one big stinky surprise in his diaper.
nu=3232>8;4>2:8>23238;4399746ot1lsi[1].jpg"> Halloween Hillbillies!!!!!!! ( except for the very cool shadow ninja that snuck into the picture). Really he just refused to be a hillbilly like the rest of us folks.


Ayden and his best buddy Jasmine @ Gardendale Park!


My litttle man is in Kindergarten now!!!
nu=3232>8;4>2:5>23238;4396938ot1lsi[1].jpg"> My home after we recently painted! You can see how much use our treadmill gets shoved in the right corner there.


Tom Cruise---Ladies... watch out!!!!!

My family of 4!!!!! Wes, Angel, Austin and Ayden.
nu=3232>8;4>2:2>23238;4393642ot1lsi[1].jpg"> He loves corn on the cob!!

My hubby and Ayden after his first haircut!